Meet Your Spirit Guide

Guided Activation Journey.

Tune in to your own inner guidance system. Activate self-healing and learn to hear your own desires that help you to see through the eyes of the soul. Let anxiety, frustration, or pain leave your body

Activate your inner Guidance and experience love and bliss from your Spirit Guide(s) with this new wonderful healing ASMR meditation.


You are surrounded by many guides who offer you their love and assistance. All you need to do is ask, as your guides are waiting for you patiently to answer your call and assist you with love, patience, grace, and courage.

Your spirit guides are always around you and ready to assist when you asked. When you are tuned in, you always feel their energy, you always feel their presence. Your spirit guides are here for you to help you find peace, clarity, and love within. They help you focus on the divine spark within yourself and others. They are here to lead you towards your heart desires. they are here to help you manifest your heart desires.
The energy of your spirit guide is always the energy of compassion, love, blessings, inspiration but also honesty, discipline, and courage

Allow that voice of inspiration, intuition and love to become integrated with how you operate daily.

Your spirit guide isn’t always going to tell you what you want to hear. Because … if they did, they are not guiding you.
Your spirit guide will always show you the way when asked. How to know if the information you will be given is truthful? Simple answer – you will smile. It’s a truly blissful feeling of just knowing, a beautiful awareness


Why getting to know your Spirit Guide will help you? Your Spirit Guide is always with you, close to you whatever you are going through, protecting you, guiding you even without you knowing it.

What is an ASMR meditation?

* ASMR: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response Meditation, also known as ‘brain massage’ or ‘head orgasm’ is a pleasurable and yet sometimes experienced as strange neurological experience that is achieving more and more mainstream recognition.

ASMR meditations are designed to activate your right and your left brain. To enhance to the cortex that connects those two together. To stimulate your mind. Your Blissful Mind. The mind of the moment.
This meditation is a higher level of meditation, a unique level of Life and learning, and loving.

How does it work?
Understanding the process isn’t really important, what is important is that we are stimulating the Cortex, the Right and the Left Hemisphere.

How does it feel?
It can feel … new, innovative, most probably what you haven’t experienced before.
You will feel goosebumps all over your body.

ASMR meditations are guided meditations where you don’t have to do anything else but relax. ASMR meditations are usually longer than 20 minutes because where you are always being guided but it’s not hypnosis. During an ASMR meditation, you are always in control and can stop at any time by simply opening your eyes or pausing or stopping the audio.