My Spiritual Journey: Embracing the Stages of Spiritual Growth


As I reflect upon my own spiritual journey, I find myself moving through the stages of consciousness, each playing a vital role in my growth and understanding. It’s fascinating how our perception and experience of life evolve depending on the circumstances we face. Let me take you through the four stages that have shaped my path:

Stage 1 – Victim Consciousness:

In this stage, I believed that life happened to me, leaving me feeling powerless and at the mercy of circumstances. I perceived myself as a victim, often struggling with the notion of suffering and punishment. I saw God as separate from me, an external force that governed my life.

Stage 2 – Manifestor Consciousness:

As I released blame, shame, and guilt, I embarked on a transformative journey. I recognized the power within me and began to experience God as an internal guiding force. Here, I harnessed my will and thoughts to manifest the life I desired. Using visualization techniques and affirmations, I discovered the joy of co-creating my reality. Life began happening by me, and God became my trusted companion.

Stage 3 – Instrument Consciousness:

Having tasted success in shaping my reality, I reached a stage where I was asked to surrender control and allow Spirit to move through me. I realized that there was more to life beyond my personal desires and ambitions. Life began happening through me, and I embraced the role of an instrument of divine peace. I learned to relax into receiving and allowed the magic of synchronicity to guide my actions.

Stage 4 – One Consciousness:

At this profound stage, the concept of separation dissolved, and I recognized the profound truth that I am one with God. No longer perceiving myself as a separate entity, I experienced the merging of my being with the divine. Life happened as me, and I embraced the unity of all existence. It was a profound realization where I not only perceived the truth but embodied it.

It’s important to note that these stages are not linear, nor are they fixed. We constantly dance among them, flowing and growing along the spiral of our spiritual journey. Instead of judging ourselves or others for the stage we find ourselves in, let us embrace the understanding that growth is a continuous process.

Take a moment to reflect on your own journey. What stage resonates with you at this moment? Where do you aspire to be? Remember, there is no right or wrong, only opportunities for growth and healing. Embrace the fluidity of your evolution and use this tool as a compass to navigate your path toward greater consciousness.

As I said, I would love to be at stage 4 as much as possible, but sometimes life has other plans. I do know that the more I listen to my heart, the more organic the flow between these levels has become.