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Intuitive Insight and Iching

We live in a world where insight can be an essential edge in how we live our everyday life. After my near death at 21, I became intuitive to energies that deeply affect all of us daily. I researched methods that I could enhance my own insight to see a little bit ahead via my heart. The beauty is science backs the hearts’ ability to see the future.
In an article called, Can Your Heart Predict the Future? Nobel Prize-winning physicist Werner Heisenberg observed, and HMI’s Rollin McCraty, a professor at Florida Atlantic University, asserts that changes in heart-rate statistics of experimental subjects predicted two distinct types of events two to 14 seconds before those events happened.
So after years of searching, I found a rhythm that not only worked for me but hundreds of people I have worked with. I use the Iching, astrological influencers, and intuition to guide you on the road ahead.

Breaking Through across the board intensive

Life changing 3 weeks Intensive 101

Are you ready to Breakthrough in ALL areas of your life? Love and Relationships. Wealth and Abundance. Work and Soul’s Purpose? Breaking through across the board is for YOU if:
– You are sick and tired of living small
– You feel that you are here for a greater purpose but don’t know what that is
– You are ready to make a powerful Shift once and for all
– You are ready to remove energetic blocks that stop you from living an abundant life full of love
– You are ready to become the highest expression of Yourself

4 Breakthrough sessions {video}
Daily WhatsApp video and/or audio guidance
Personalised action plan
Personalised meditation and affirmation

$ 1111,-

Mirror Work with me

11 Days Across The Board Breakthrough
I will match your 10 min commitment with my own by giving you 10 mins of my time every day you do mirror work! You can ask me a question or reach out for guidance each day. I will follow up with your question or comment via WhatsApp or facebook messenger with a reply. Mirror work alone is a powerful tool to jumpstart your soul walk, but I want to honor your commitment by making myself available as well.

90 min. Video Breakthrough Session


$ 777,-


Intuitive Insight and Iching
I prepare a recorded 2 min prayer, and roughly 25 mins of mp3 audio, which will be emailed to you within five to seven days of your purchase. Then after you have a 24-hour period we will arrange a call either WhatsApp or zoom video for 60 mins to discuss the findings and what possible answers to help you move forward with confidence.

$ 175,-

Breakthrough Coaching

45 minutes powerful Video Breakthrough Session 101. We don’t just talk. I am a coach, not a counselor. We come up with a real plan for you.
No matter what you are facing right now, I am here to help you help yourself. Whether you are struggling with relationships, finding your purpose, or facing life changing events like divorce, sickness or life in general, I am here for you.

$ 190,-

Free community

FREE Divine Love Community
Join our beautiful Community website for free where we also have Free monthly readings and Energy updates.
“There is a marked difference in my decision-making ability and my ability to MOVE”
I had a session with Ryan and one of the things we discussed was connection with Self.  He encouraged me to begin a regime of spending time with my reflection in the mirror, daily, and to treat it as important as any other area of self care. I tried it and could definitely feel a difference even after just one day.

I have noticed that the days I choose to not make time for it, there is a marked difference in my decision-making ability and my ability to MOVE. We need ourselves, period.

Mirror work is a great way, I’ve experienced, to connect and truly realize our innate connection to Everything.


“Mr upbeat buddha, as I would like to refer him, is the treasure find of my life.”
I have been working with him the past six months which has been the best worthy time ever spent on self development and self love. He really forced me to look deep within to realise some of my hidden flaws and showed me different ways to work on them.

He really listens and addresses many of my issues and questions through interactive conversations and you tube videos. I look at life with a totally different perspective on many things that challenge me in everyday life. He is a soul filled with generosity and a passion to color this world red with love. I bet you will not find just a coach in him but a friend for lifetime. He gives back much more than what we ask for.

I vouch, you will only benefit since you will grow so much from within and completely blossom from outside.

Thank you Ryan !


“Ryan has continued to be a special life coach and teacher to me whom I now proudly and lovingly refer to as my guru”
Many times he has sent me an angel card the day before or in a recent case 30 minutes prior to when I had a major life situation happen in which the angel card gave me the guidance I needed on how to handle it. Amazing!

His guidance and friendship has meant the world to me and I know he has helped many people in the same way.

Debra Lynn