Ryan Keys


Ryan is one of the brightest lights on this planet.
A really powerful healer and a loving, (com)passionate love guide you will be safe with on your journey to love and abundance. Knowing Ryan is one of the biggest blessings in my life. If you are serious about changing your life for ever and start living a life full of love and abundance, I wish you with all my heart that you … pause … feel … and join Ryan who will lead you with love and care to the very core of it All, The Sacred Heart.


A Voice at the Crossroad

I am a voice at the crossroads of life.

I fell from the tree called Life and hit every branch imaginable be it Love and Relationships, Spirituality, and Life transformation.

I am an intuitive life coach and I help people transition in their lives. Being an active health care practitioner, I have helped over two thousand people in person and helped thousands of people online through my guided meditations and my program Mirror Work.

My Journey started at the age of 5 when I was sexually abused.  At the age of 21,




Past Lives Healing

Chakras Alignment


Soul Purpose

Love & Relationships



Ryan is an intuitive soul of the highest order and my choice to connect with him for spiritual guidance by our first phone consultation was the greatest move I ever made for myself.
He could so vividly read the deepest intentions of my heart and soul and instantly knew what I was going through without me even having to share a word about my situation. While we were connecting, I was mesmerized because he was explaining things to with me that I so sorely needed to understand about myself as well as the blockages from past pain that I carried with me that were stunting me from true personal growth.


I can honestly say that Ryan has enriched my heart.
Ryan has so many gifts that he genuinely utilizes to help those who ask him for his services.
When he went over my break through session with me, I was so amazed and grateful.
His use of astrology, I Ching, oracle cards and guided intuition allowed me to see myself in the light of my true self.
But most importantly, Ryan was so open and humorous in his communication of my past, present and potential that I understand now what I’m truly capable of if I open my eyes to my hearts truth.
Ryan lives every moment of his life to help others, be it intuitive guidance, compassionate dentistry or daring to be a light of love in the dark.
If you need genuine help, Ryan will genuinely help you.


My Story

My journey started at the age of 5 when I was sexually abused.
At the age of 21, I went through a near-death experience due to a horrific accident, which crushed the right side of my face. As a result, I had to go through over 12 1/2 hours of surgery.

This is where I found a new place of being.

Then at age 33 drowning in a river took me to the other side in which my spiritual rescue was from Yeshua Ben Yoseph, I spent a long period of time with him on the other side.
This led me to a full kundalini awakening even before I knew what it was or why. It took many years of study and exploration to move through all the information brought from both sessions on the other side.

I continue as all of you to unfold and heal past traumas and lives even in a non-linear dimension every day. I go as deep as possible so that I can also be there for you all on your journey.

This struggle would be the very moment that showed me the other side and erased all doubt I had about the afterlife.

I have studied as many types of religions and ancient arts as I can get my hands on. I constantly seek to improve myself and my insights. I have given intuitive advice and counseling to thousands of people over the past 15 years. I have worked as a professional actor, and then after a battle with cancer I went to the medical field. That is when I decided to bring forward my healing and intuitive gifts. Lets begin this journey together.