I’m Ryan Keys

Meet Ryan, a passionate soul on a profound spiritual journey of self-discovery and transformation. As a gifted spiritual teacher, writer, and mystic, I am devoted to guiding others on their path of awakening and inner wisdom. My deep understanding of consciousness and intuitive approach empowers individuals to tap into their true selves, align with their soul’s purpose, and embrace a life of fulfillment. Join me on this incredible adventure of growth, where my guidance and insights will ignite your spirit and elevate your journey of spiritual expansion. Together, we’ll embark on a transformative experience that will inspire and uplift your soul.

KEYS TO Love a.k.a. Transformation without Traumatization:

Spiritual Evolution

Are you ready to go on a soul-stirring journey of spiritual evolution, unlocking profound insights and timeless wisdom. Discover sacred teachings and transformative experiences that empower your highest potential. Illuminate your path, embracing limitless possibilities and the essence of existence itself. Let’s discover the keys to unlock the doors to profound wisdom and boundless love together.

Allow me to unlock the gateway to your inner peace and profound self-awareness through a transformative exploration of mindfulness and meditation. Immerse yourself in the richness of the present moment, igniting a calm and focused mind that awakens the depths of your inner wisdom. Embrace the empowering benefits of these ancient practices, as they open the doors to living a present life filled with balance, clarity, and a sense of serenity, touching every fiber of your being.

Let’s awaken the keys to living a mind, body, and soulful existence, as you unlock the secrets of energetic alignment and embrace a profound shift in your well-being. Discover the transformative power of restoring balance and harmony, weaving the threads of vitality, joy, and purpose into the tapestry of your life. Through the gentle touch of Reiki, the ancient art of acupuncture, and the radiant energy of crystal healing, let your spirit dance to the rhythm of cosmic energies. Embrace this heart-centered journey, where every step draws you closer to the essence of your being, basking in the radiance of vibrant health, serenity, and interconnectedness

Venture with me into the depths of your authentic self, unearthing hidden treasures of talents, passions, and purpose that await your embrace. Embrace the liberating power of self-reflection, unabashed self-expression, and unwavering self-empowerment as you stride along the unique path that beckons you, unchaining the full brilliance of your being. Embrace this heart-led expedition, and witness the emergence of your most empowered and authentic self, radiating with the beauty of inner wisdom and the exhilaration of boundless growth.

School of Consciousness

Unlock Your Inner Brilliance

Welcome to a soul-enriching voyage of self-discovery and profound personal growth, where the keys to inner balance unlock the vast potential residing within you, igniting the flames of transformation. Embrace the journey as you venture into the depths of your true self, revealing concealed talents, passions, and purpose. We will embrace the magic of self-reflection, liberating self-expression, and empowering self-discovery, embarking on your unique path to unleash the fullest potential that beats within the chambers of your heart. Let this transformative odyssey be a symphony of soulful harmony, where the dance of self-balance orchestrates a magnificent melody of boundless possibilities and heartfelt fulfillment.

Masterclasses @ soc.live

Ignite your inner spark and expand your consciousness with our transformative Masterclasses at the School Of Consciousness. Dive deep into spiritual teachings, practices, and wisdom guided by experienced instructors. Join us as we explore profound topics, unlock hidden potentials, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Immerse in transformative knowledge and practices with expert instructors

Gain deep insights, tools, and techniques for your spiritual journey

Connect with a vibrant community for support, inspiration, and growth

Let’s Grow Together!

Cultivate your inner potential and blossom into the best version of yourself.

Embracing Joy, One Moment at a Time

Discover the keys to unlock true happiness and live a joy-filled life.

Unleashing the Power Within

Ignite your potential and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth.

Aligning Mind, Body, and Spirit

Harmonize your mind, body, and spirit to find a sense of equilibrium and inner peace.

Embrace the Power of Transformation

Embrace the courage to make positive changes and create a life aligned with your deepest aspirations.


Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is designed to support you on your unique spiritual journey and personal growth. I provide one-on-one guidance, tailored to your specific needs and goals. Through personalized sessions, you’ll receive intuitive guidance, practical tools, and empowering strategies to overcome challenges, awaken your potential, and create a life aligned with your soul’s purpose. Experience the transformative power of personal coaching and unlock your fullest potential!

Receive personalized guidance and support from our experienced coaches to tap into your unique gifts, talents, and strengths

Gain clarity, insights, and practical tools to navigate life's challenges with resilience, confidence, and inner strength

Discover and align with your true calling, passions, and purpose, creating a fulfilling and meaningful life that resonates with your authentic self

My Philosophy

Together We Will

Join our vibrant community of like-minded individuals on a collective journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. Together, we will explore the realms of consciousness, spirituality, and personal development, supporting each other as we navigate the path to a more fulfilling and purposeful life. With guidance, resources, and a nurturing environment, we empower you to unlock your true potential and create positive change in your life and the world around you.



Immerse yourself in transformative workshops at the Conscious Awakening School, where you can expand your knowledge, skills, and awareness. Our workshops offer a rich and interactive learning experience designed to empower you on your spiritual journey. Whether you are new to spirituality or seeking to deepen your practice, our diverse range of workshops provides valuable insights, practical tools, and profound experiences that can catalyze personal growth and spiritual awakening. Join us to explore new dimensions of consciousness, connect with like-minded individuals, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Dive deep into specific topics of spiritual exploration and growth through our focused and immersive workshops.

Engage in experiential learning and interactive exercises that allow you to apply spiritual teachings and concepts to your own life.

Connect with a supportive community of fellow seekers and experienced facilitators who will guide you on your journey of self-discovery and expansion.


Ryan and the community have been a game-changer for me. It’s a supportive community that has helped me deepen my spiritual journey, find my purpose, and make positive changes in my life. The resources and guidance offered here have transformed my perspective and empowered me to live a more fulfilling life. Grateful to be a part of this transformative experience!


Being a part of SOC.live has been an incredible journey of support, growth, and fun. The community here is like a loving family, always there to uplift and inspire. Through the diverse range of programs and activities, I’ve experienced profound personal growth while also enjoying the journey with like-minded souls. It’s a space where I can be my authentic self and have fun exploring the depths of consciousness. Highly recommend it!


SOC.live has been a beacon of light in my life during my battle with depression. The loving support and transformative tools provided by the community have helped me navigate my journey towards healing and inner peace. Through their guidance and understanding, I’ve discovered new perspectives, found hope, and experienced profound shifts in my mental and emotional well-being. This community has truly been a lifeline, reminding me that I am not alone and empowering me to reclaim my joy and purpose. Forever grateful for the love and healing I’ve found here.

Why School of Consciousnes

Join the School Of Consciousness to embark on a journey of self-discovery and tap into your inner wisdom. Explore spiritual practices, gain clarity, and unlock your true potential.

Discover Your Inner Wisdom

Connect with a Supportive Community.

Transform Your Life.


Soul Sanctuary

Dive into our Soul Sanctuary, a sacred space where you can discover enlightening articles, soulful reflections, and practical tools to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.


Conscious Corner

Immerse yourself in the enlightening world of Conscious Corner, where you’ll find empowering articles, uplifting stories, and transformative resources to support your journey of awakening and growth.

Enlightened Love Lounge

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth with the School of Consciousness today, and unlock the infinite potential within you.

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